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2016 Welcome Letter

Dear Exhibitors & Attendees,

On the behalf of the management team of the Fall Home & Leisure Show, we would like to welcome you and your staff to one of the biggest events in the peace country. We appreciate your continued support and value your business in making our event a success.
We are excited to announce ourselves as the new management for this upcoming year and look forward to making the Fall Home and Leisure Show successful for years to come. There will be new and exciting changes that will help in attracting a broader audience for exhibitors to showcase their businesses and products to.

We are looking forward to introducing our new ideas for the upcoming show. Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions or suggestions that you may have to assist us in making this a success for everyone.

Best Regards,

teri and teanna damon cropped

Teanna Havell Teri Clarke
Event Manager Event Manager