2015: Damon Bennett

Damon began working in the construction industry when he was just 15-years old. He started as a bricklayer’s helper and then moved up working as a roofer, framer and renovator whose professionalism on the field was surpassed only by his expertise.
While working on a client’s home, Damon was approached by producers of the hit television series, Holmes on Homes® to work permanently on the Mike Holmes’ Crew. His undeniable skill, work ethic and craftsmanship led him to escalate quickly within the ranks, becoming Crew Supervisor and Mike’s lead hand on all of his jobsites.
Fans of the series came to know Damon as Mike’s right-hand man, and then as Mike’s co-host on Holmes Inspection. It wasn’t long before more than 1.5 million viewers in Canada were tuning in weekly, watching Damon take the reigns on getting the job done right.

For nearly ten years, Damon was an essential component to the success of every one of Mike Holmes’ jobs, and as leader of the pack on Mike’s third series, Holmes Makes It Right, he was a mentor to everyone on the Crew. All series air worldwide and Holmes Inspections is available on Netflix.
Damon’s uncompromising diligence and unyielding dedication to every job proves that there is honour in a good day’s work. He currently specializes in carpentry, structure reinforcement and full construction coordination, but it is his commitment to helping others the best way he knows how which continues to drive him forward on every task he takes on.
Damon is currently in development on a new series of his own, all the while running, Bennett Construction and serving on the board of Military Minds. Damon is committed to helping returning vets. You can follow Damon @damonBennett_

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